Santa Clara University

Osher Lifelong Learning

Fall 2011 Course Archives


  • Geopolitical Hotspots in the Muslim World
  • Language: A Mirror of the Mind
  • Film Odyssey: A Foreign Affair
  • Western Civilization for Adults VII - Reshaping European Beliefs, Values and Boundaries
  • Western Civilization for Adults VIII - From the French Revolution to the Outbreak of the First World War
  • Anatomy of a Musical
  • You and Your Genes: Everyday Genetics and Genetic Testing
  • 40 Common Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid them
  • Frontiers in Science: Alternative Energy - Powering the Future
  • Enjoying Music: All things Classical


  • From the Roman Basilica to the Romanesque Cathedral: A Brief History of Christian Architecture
  • After Columbus: Italians and Their Contributions to the California Experience
  • Women, the Church and Ordination in the 1st Millennium
  • Armchair Traveler: Walks Through Old Paris - A Journey Through Time
  • Secrets in Our Lives
  • Behind the Scenes: Center for Performing Arts - Little Shop of Horrors - Play & class
  • Behind the Scenes: Santa Clara Chorale's "Comfort and Joy" Holiday - Concert and class

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