Santa Clara University

Osher Lifelong Learning

Fall 2004

  • Lifelong Learning: How it Happens
  • Laughter Workshop


Lifelong Learning:How it Happens--taught by Tim Healy
When we were young learning was just something we did. Few people talked about how it happened. Today neuroscience and psychology know a great deal about how learning takes place. In this course we explore this fascinating subject, from the biology of the brain to new approaches to teaching and learning, to the importance of continuing to learn as we age.

Laughter Workshop -- taught by Shelly Gordon
If you haven't figured out by now that our country is operating at a huge laughing deficit and you find yourself falling far below the USDA laugh quotient then this class is for you. Not only is laughter  the number one antidote to stress and high-powered endorphin engine (for all you engineers), it also goes hand-in-hand with learning and information retention.  In this "play-shop," through lecture and exercises sure to tap your inner funny bone, you'll learn the essentials of laughter therapy, how to laugh without provocation and get an aerobic workout at the same time, and how to turn your complaints into  comedy. We'll end the class with the world's funniest final exam!
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