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Emergency Preparation

Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a natural disaster or other community-wide emergency, parents, family members, and friends should note that the most current and accurate source of information will be online on the University's home page.

During a major disaster that may disrupt power or other operations, the University's Web site will be replaced by an emergency site. This site will be hosted outside the Bay Area in order to provide continuously updated information, including contact numbers and news bulletins. The emergency site is streamlined to be quickly accessible through any computer or mobile device.

We encourage you to educate yourself in advance on the University's emergency policies and procedures, available for download on the Facilities Web site, and with the student emergency preparedness program, e-Prep'd.

This academic year, there is an ongoing campus-wide effort to inform students of their responsibilities and role in preparation for and response during an emergency. You can assist by asking your daughter or son questions such as: Have you read the SCU emergency handbook? Do you know your assembly point? Is your apartment or house prepared with appropriate food and water for 72 hours in case of need?

For more information:
Read the University's Personal Safety Q&A, updated April 2007.

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