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Opportunities in Law for Minorities

Since the 1960s, minority group members have been represented in increasing numbers in the nation's law schools. Most law schools have active recruitment programs for students who are members of minority groups, to help ensure greater diversity in their student body and in the legal profession. Many (including SCU) waive application fees, and it is to your advantage to include information on your racial or ethnic identity (even if not requested on the application), as such information helps to present a complete picture of you. Similarly, interesting life experiences and past employment experiences also count. Be sure to let the law schools know if you are interested in their programs for minority applicants. Be aware that law schools will vary in the resources they invest in both attracting and retaining minority students. For further information, see Chapter 6 in the ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools entitled "Opportunities in Law For Minority Men and Women," or consult the following links.

Programs, Scholarships, and Grants for Minority Students

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