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In your words: Father Locatelli

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Tuesday, Apr. 8, 2008
Father Locatelli, I have worked for you since 1989 and was fortunate to experience your tenure as President of Santa Clara University first hand. I witnessed the closing of The Alameda through campus, the creation of Arts & Sciences building, parking structure, Kennedy Commons, residential learning centers, new Jesuit residence, Schott Stadium, and now the Learning Commons and the new business school. I also watched with pride as the number and quality of faculty and students grew each year. And the University's endowment followed along with the Centers of Distinction. Santa Clara has become a world-class university under your leadership. Personally, to have the opportunity, the challenge, the fulfillment of teaching at Santa Clara as a second career is a life-time achievement of which I am very proud. To thank you for all you have done seems woefully inadequate. But, I am not sure there is anything anyone could do that would properly convey our gratitude. The time has come to share you, your vision and skills with all of the Jesuit institutions of higher learning around the world. As you depart Santa Clara for Rome, please don't leave us without a extraordinary successor who can carry on your legacy and take SCU even greater levels of excellence. Father Locatelli, it has been an honor and privilege working for you. Thank you so much for the opportunity. My very best and God speed. Buford Barr Department of Marketing Department of Communication SCU since 1989 .
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