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  •  Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2012

    In an update to the Planning Action Council this week, the Communication and Collaboration Task Force reported on its progress towards making a set of recommendations on campus-wide tools for improved communication and collaboration. Task force chair, Terri Griffith, reiterated the importance for Santa Clara, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, to provide faculty, staff, and especially our students, with robust and dynamic tools for collaboration.

    Since August the task force members have compiled valuable information from the campus community on their needs for a variety of tools including email, calendaring, file-sharing, website creation and voice/chat. Visit the task force blog to find a summary of their findings, an overview of their work, and open discussions on communication and collaboration needs. 

    Within the coming months the task force is expected to provide a set of recommendations including a recommended vendor with a cost/benefit/risk summary of each vendor; a proposed implementation roadmap; and estimates of infrastucture requirements and training resources to transition the campus to the new platform.  This is an important step in the life of our community as we rethink the way we work together and communicate with one another. The transition to new tools and practices holds great promise for all.


  •  Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2012

    This week we received news that Santa Clara has been named to the 2012 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service. This is the sixth consecutive year that Santa Clara has received the recognition for our support of volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. From July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, SCU faculty, staff and students have contributed over 119,000 hours of service, a sign of our institutional commitment to community service. We hold the culture of service as a fundamental value that helps define who we are as an institution. Being named to the President's Honor Roll affirms the depth and breadth of that commitment across campus. 

    Thank you to the faculty, staff and students who have given so generously of their time in service to others. Thank you also to the faculty and staff who encourage and enable our students to engage in the community and make a positive impact.

  •  Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2012

    Two Santa Clara students have been selected to attend the Catholic Social Teaching Seminar in New York City sponsored by the Path to Peace Foundation.  The host of the seminar is the Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations. Thanks to donations from friends of the University, each year I am able to send students to this unique and oftentimes transformative seminar.

    In May, political science majors Nathan Funkhouser '13 and Lauren Farwell '14 will have the opportunity to participate in interviews, tours, meetings and in-depth discussions with committee members of the United Nations and other officials about Catholic social teaching. The sessions are geared to help students consider ways to apply economic thought, political thought, and ethical thought to Catholic social teaching in discussing global issues. Opportunities like these help students expand their worldview and consider the rich and challenging traditions of Catholic social teaching and their faith.

  •  Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2012

    Earlier this month the Santa Clara Athletics program received full certification from the NCAA. I wish to congratulate Dan Coonan, Director of Athletics and Recreation, and his staff on achieving this milestone. My thanks go to the Steering Committee, chaired by Gary Neustadter, for bringing the lengthy and time-consuming process to a successful conclusion. The self-study spanned a period of nearly two years with many faculty, staff and students contributing hundreds of hours to the process. I am grateful to the following people who were involved in the course of the NCAA certification process: Gary Neustadter (Chair), Aldo Billingslea, Michael Carey, Dan Coonan, Charles Erekson, Harry Fong, Staci Gustafson, Colleen Lim, Molly McDonald, Jeff Mitchell, Christopher Mosier, John Ottoboni, Jeanne Rosenberger, Andy Schatzman, Tanya Schmidt, Nedra Shunk and Steven Wade.

  •  Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012

    What's Ahead on My Calendar

    • February 22 - Ash Wednesday
    • February 22 - Panel Discussion, "The Next 100 Years of Engineering"
    • February 22 - Dessert with Modern Perspectives RLC 
    • February 24-25 - Family Weekend
    • February 24 - Men's Baseball vs. Illinois
    • February  25 - Women's Basketball vs. USF
    • February 27 - Province Higher Education Meeting in Seattle
    • February 28 - Cabinet Meeting
    • February 29 - Stockton Alumni Event
    • March 7 - AICCU Student Day at Sacramento in support of Cal Grant program
    • March 10 - Retirement Event for Dr. Victor Vari
    • March 10 - Bronco Bench Foundation Endowment Dinner
    • March 14 - The Katharine and George Alexander Law Prize event
    • March 15 - Board of Fellows Meeting
    • March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
    • March 17 - Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Dinner in LA
    • March 19- Founders Day
    • March 22 - LA Santa Claran of the Year in LA
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