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  •  Friday, Jun. 8, 2012

    Class of 2012 Award Recipients

    Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

    In the week before commencement, I want to take a moment to announce publicly the members of the Class of 2012 selected to receive University awards. It is my pleasure to congratulate the following students for their contributions to the betterment of our community.

    The valedictorian is conferred annually on a graduating senior selected for outstanding academic achievement and University service.  This year’s valedictorian is Nathan Rogers, a civil engineering major, who will offer the valedictory address at the Undergraduate Commencement on June 16.

    The St. Clare and Nobili medals are presented to the female and male graduates judged outstanding in academic performance, personal character, school activities, and constructive contribution to the University. At the commencement exercises next week, the St. Clare Medal will be awarded to Tanya Schmidt and the Nobili Medal to Drew Hodun.

    The Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J. Award is awarded to graduating seniors who exemplify the ideals of Jesuit education especially being a "whole person of solidarity in the real world" and having the courage and faith to build a more just and humane world. For 2012, the Kolvenbach Award will be presented to Jose Dorador at commencement.

    At the Toast to the Class of 2012 held on June 8, Jahayra Molina, Natali Rodriguez, and Zena Andreani each received the Richard J. Riordan Award in recognition of their outstanding contributions to service through their work with the marginalized and under-served populations outside of the University community.

    Jennifer Dyckman, Todd Lane, Courtney Seymour, Kurt Wagner, and Christopher Wemp received Student Life Awards to recognize their contributions to improving the overall quality of life in the University community.

    Gracelyn Bateman received the Student Inclusive Excellence Award for her commitment to enhancing an inclusive environment on campus

    Kurt Wagner was awarded the Handlery Prize for contributions to the success of a student publication during his time at the University.

    This year’s recipient of the 2012 Alumni Association Board of Director’s Service Award is Cynthia Martinez.

    Please join me in congratulating and thanking these outstanding members of the Class of 2012.

    Michael E. Engh, S.J.

  •  Friday, Jun. 8, 2012

    Board of Trustees Meeting Held on June 1

    On June 1, the Board of Trustees held their spring meeting on campus and approved a variety of actions that affect the life of our campus.

    Five new trustees with exceptional experience and a long history of dedication and loyalty to Santa Clara were voted to the board. Kristi M. Bowers '90, MBA '97, Howard S. Charney, MBA '73, J.D. '77, Mary Mathews-Stevens ’84, Jeffrey A. Miller '73, MBA '76, and Betsy S. Rafael ’83 will join the 40 current trustees. We are honored to welcome the new members of the board and grateful for their commitment to serve. 

    The board also voted for new corporate officers, reelecting both Bob Finocchio as chair and Peggy Bradshaw as vice chair. Other officers elected include Larry Sonsini (Secretary), John Ottoboni (Assistant Secretary), Molly McDonald (Assistant Secretary), Jack Lewis (Treasurer), Bob Warren (Assistant Treasurer) and Harry Fong (Assistant Treasurer).

    In other actions, the board approved a proposal from the School of Engineering for a new master’s degree and a new academic department in BioEngineering. Implementation is planned for fall 2012. The board also approved the 2012 honorary degree recipients and commencement speaker for this year’s commencement exercises. Michael J. Buckley, S.J. and Mary Somers Edmunds will receive honorary degrees and Steve Wozniak will deliver the commencement address as well as receive an honorary degree.

    Mick McCarthy, S.J., Executive Director of the Ignatian Center, returned to the board to present his third talk in the three-part series, “Education as Spiritual Exercises.” In response to a request from the trustees for an update on athletics, Dan Coonan, Athletic Director, briefed trustees on the mission, structure, budget, facilities and student involvement in the athletics program.

    The Faculty Senate Council president-elect Barbara Molony and Associated Student Government (ASG) outgoing president Courtney Seymour reported on the activities of their respective groups. Courtney introduced to the board the incoming ASG president, Jenna Saso.

    Following the business meeting, student leaders joined the board members for lunch. The various presentations, the lunch with groups on campus and other components of the board meetings are all part of an ongoing effort to enrich the trustees’ experiences with the University and the dedicated members that make up our community.  Thank you to all who played a part in making the meeting a great success. 


  •  Tuesday, May. 22, 2012

    On Tuesday, May 22, the University Coordinating Committee (UCC) and I hosted an open forum on shared governance to listen to feedback on the document, "Recommendations to Enhance Shared Governance." I am grateful to all who attended for their thoughtful questions and constructive suggestions about the document, which was distributed to all faculty and staff in an email on May 17. If you were unable to attend the forum and have comments on the document, we invite you to send your feedback to Mike Meyer, chair of the UCC, by Friday, May 25. Following the UCC meeting on May 30, a revised draft will be prepared based on the feedback received. We will then send faculty and staff an online survey to gauge support of the revised recommendations. Our hope is that these recommendations will be agreed upon for ultimate adoption and implementation beginning in the fall.

  •  Monday, May. 21, 2012

    Each year Santa Clara University is invited to nominate students for the Panetta Congressional Internship Program.  The program offers students the opportunity to live in Washington, D.C. and work on Capitol Hill with members of the California congressional delegation. I am pleased that this year, Victor Republicano ’13 was selected to participate in the internship. Victor is a Classical Studies major, a member of the SCU Honors Program as well as the ACE Dean’s Leadership Program, and has an impressive record of volunteer service. Congratulations to Victor!

  •  Monday, May. 21, 2012

    After 56 years in residence at the Santa Clara Jesuit Community, Professor Emeritus Fr. Carl Hayn recently moved to the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos.  A long-time faculty member in the Physics Department, Fr. Hayn began teaching at Santa Clara in 1955.  The longevity of his career at Santa Clara is marked by the thousands of students who have taken his classes and the hundreds of faculty and staff who have counted him as a friend, colleague and dedicated member of the University community.  If you would like to send Fr. Hayn a note in his retirement, he can be reached at Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, P.O. Box 68, Los Gatos, CA 95031-0068. 

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