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  •  Monday, Jun. 3, 2013

    Wi-Fi Network Upgrade

    I am happy to report that a network upgrade is in the works to completely revamp the Wi-Fi network on campus, with a completion date of December 2014. The project will provide increased speed and coverage while accommodating more use, and expanding availability to include exterior areas of the campus. When the upgrade is completed, Santa Clara’s wireless network will provide robust coverage of virtually all areas of campus with the newest and fastest Wi-Fi standard.
    Completing this significant project will require replacing all the Wi-Fi access points currently installed and installing new data cabling for additional interior and all exterior Wi-Fi access points. Information Technology under the leadership of CIO Ron Danielson has already completed an initial portion of the project and has begun the installation of interior access points.  During the upgrade BroncoWiFi will continue to be available, with small local disruptions as work is done in each area. Information Technology will coordinate with departments and building managers to minimize impacts to their respective areas. A current schedule for work can be found at

  •  Monday, Jun. 3, 2013

    Active Shooter and Lockdown Procedures Training

    The June 30 deadline to complete the Active Shooter and Lockdown Procedures training is approaching quickly. If you have not yet completed it, I urge you to register for the online course at Login using your SCU email address with the password SAFETY. Should you have questions about the training contact Sean Collins, Director of the Environment, Health and Safety Department. Thank you for taking this training and contributing to the overall safety of our community.

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