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Communication and Collaboration Task Force Update

Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2012

In an update to the Planning Action Council this week, the Communication and Collaboration Task Force reported on its progress towards making a set of recommendations on campus-wide tools for improved communication and collaboration. Task force chair, Terri Griffith, reiterated the importance for Santa Clara, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, to provide faculty, staff, and especially our students, with robust and dynamic tools for collaboration.

Since August the task force members have compiled valuable information from the campus community on their needs for a variety of tools including email, calendaring, file-sharing, website creation and voice/chat. Visit the task force blog to find a summary of their findings, an overview of their work, and open discussions on communication and collaboration needs. 

Within the coming months the task force is expected to provide a set of recommendations including a recommended vendor with a cost/benefit/risk summary of each vendor; a proposed implementation roadmap; and estimates of infrastucture requirements and training resources to transition the campus to the new platform.  This is an important step in the life of our community as we rethink the way we work together and communicate with one another. The transition to new tools and practices holds great promise for all.


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