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Board of Trustees Meeting Held on October 17-18

Friday, Oct. 25, 2013
Board of Trustees Meeting, October 17-18

The October 17-18 Board of Trustees meeting focused on the strategic goals and objectives  that were refined over the past year in support of the 2011 Strategic Plan.  To set the stage, Provost Dennis Jacobs and I presented an integrated set of strategic, enrollment, and facilities master plans. That vision was the result of significant input from over 50 faculty and staff who served on six strategic advisory committees this past academic year.

Following the presentation, the trustees spent a day examining and discussing the integrated plans, the six strategic goals, and the related objectives. The trustees were overwhelmingly supportive of the vision for Santa Clara’s future which will be developed into a compelling fundraising campaign. With the affirmation from the trustees, I look forward to sharing the plans for that vision with the University community when final details are completed. I congratulate Provost Jacobs and his staff who led the process to ensure broad participation and clear articulation of an aspirational and inspirational educational vision for University. 

In other business, the trustees voted to accept the Audit Report prepared by our independent auditor and heard reports from the Board of Regents, Faculty Senate, and Associated Student Government. Kirk Syme, Chair of the Regents, reported that the Regents revised their by-laws and agreed to establish a Regents scholarship fund. Juliana Chang, President of the Faculty Senate, updated the trustees on the Child Care Task Force and the Task Force on Student Evaluation of Teaching. She also presented concerns of faculty regarding the recent decision to exclude elective abortions from SCU’s healthcare plans. In closing her remarks, Julie read to the trustees the petition circulating about the recent decision. Judith Martinez next spoke about the initiatives of the Associated Student Government this year. The ASG is helping to roll-out the mobile app for events happening across departments on campus; they will be hosting coffee sessions with students in their “Brew with the Board” program; they have begun a program with the Law School for undergraduate students to shadow law students in their classes; and they continue to work with faculty on the Academic Honor Code.

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