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Admission Update

Friday, Jan. 24, 2014
Admission Update

We have good news to report about our applicant pool for the incoming freshman class. We received just short of 15,000 applications. Of those, over 4,800 applicants applied for Early Action (an increase of 11% over last year) and 207 applied for Early Decision (an increase of 6% over last year). The academic quality of the early applicants was incredibly strong, and as a result, we admitted over 20% more students than last year while increasing the academic profile. Notable is the fact that 100 students deposited in our second year of Early Decision, making up 7.7% of the class.  At this early date, our yield overall is excellent, and all indications are that the admittance rate will be more selective than last year to reach a target enrollment of 1300 students in the freshman class. An additional 140 transfers will be selected from an anticipated 900+ transfer candidates.

The hard work of reviewing the great number of applications is still ahead for our admissions team, but the numbers so far suggest another successful enrollment for fall 2014. Thanks are due in large part to our admissions and financial aid teams who have been reviewing a record-number of applications.

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