Santa Clara University

Office of the President

Invocation for 49ers Stadium Groundbreaking

Santa Clara University President Michael Engh, S.J., gave the invocation on the occasion of the April 19, 2012, groundbreaking for the future Santa Clara, Calif., stadium for the San Francisco 49ers football team. 

Michael E. Engh, S.J., President
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, California
19 April 2012


For this blessing, let us turn our thoughts for a moment to the 49ers, who, in a special way can be viewed as "coming home to Santa Clara."  49er roots go deep here in this Valley.

The founder of the 49ers, Tony Morabito played freshman football at Santa Clara University in 1927, graduated in 1931 and founded the team in 1946.

Al Ruffo, another Santa Clara alumnus, worked as assistant coach and became co-owner of the team - and a University Trustee.

Buck Shaw, SCU football coach, was recruited from SCU to be the 49ers' first head coach, 1946-1954.

Later came Bill McPherson, class of 1954, who worked as assistant coach, 1979-1998, with 5 SuperBowl victories in his time.

SCU/ 49er all-pros: Alyn Beals ('49) and Brent Jones ('92)

Yes, 49ers, welcome back to Santa Clara.  Welcome home!

Let us bow our heads and pray.

God our Creator, Source of Life,

We ask your blessing upon all assembled here who share in the joy of this long-awaited day.

We praise you for all who worked over the past 13 years to bring us to this groundbreaking ceremony.

We remember the York and DeBartolo family, particularly Ed DeBartolo, Senior, and his wife Marie, for whom the team's training center is named. Bless the present generations of this family who continue the legacy. Watch over them and guard them.

Bless those many leaders of the City of Santa Clara who worked and planned to make this new facility possible.

Keep watch and guard over the players, the coaches, and staff. Preserve the players from injury; inspire the coaches; and bless the office staff and all employees. And yes, Lord, we would be grateful for another Super Bowl victory.

Watch over the 1,800 construction workers who will labor on this site to build this great, sustainable, and green stadium.  Keep them free from harm in all their many tasks and stir up in them a worthy pride in the work they perform.

We thank you, Lord, we rejoice, and we bless your holy name, now and forever.

Let us all say Amen!