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John Staudenmaier, S.J.

John Staudenmaier S.J.

Assistant to the President for Mission & Identity, University of Detroit Mercy

John M. Staudenmaier, S.J., has lived and worked for 31 years the University of Detroit Mercy: from 1981 to 2001 in the history department (history of technology and engineering ethics); from 1995-2010 as editor-in-chief of Technology and Culture; from 2001-04 as interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education; since 2005 as Assistant to the President for Mission & Identity; from 2010 as a trustee of the university. He served as visiting professor at MIT's Science, Technology and Society Program (1982, 83, 88, 90); as research fellow at MIT's Dibner Institute (1993); as Gasson Professor at Boston College (1998-2000); and as visiting scholar at Santa Clara University's Center for Science Technology and Society (2004-05). He speaks frequently in the US and overseas, sometimes in the academy and sometimes in faith-based contexts.

John also consults with museums about exhibits, with television producers about historical programs, and with science and technology reporters about articles in process. A short sample of published works suggests the kinds of questions that attract his attention: "Technology's Storytellers: Reweaving the Human Fabric" (MIT Press); "The Politics and Ethics of Engineering;" "Denying the Holy Dark: The Enlightenment and the European Mystical Tradition;" and "Rationality vs. Contingency in the History of Technology."

Alongside his work life, John likes to garden, some limited cooking, visiting long term friends and moving slowly enough that he can hear the grass as it grows.