Santa Clara University

Stuart Gannes

Executive Director, Fab Foundation

Stuart Gannes’ career spans education, journalism, software development, research, education and non-profits. He has worked as a journalist at Time-Life Books, and as science and technology writer for Discover and Fortune Magazines based in New York. In 1988-89 Gannes was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. He later returned to Silicon Valley to join MIPS Computers, started by Stanford Prof. John Hennessy. In 1992 he was the founder and CEO of Books That Work, an award-winning software publisher that pioneered interactive ‘how-to’ e-books. From 1998-2002 Gannes was Vice President for Internet Applications at AT&T Labs. From 2002-08 he was Director of Stanford University’s Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship Program. He currently works with organizations seeking to bring technology and social media tools to communities. Gannes has a BA in History from the University of Michigan, and a Masters in Education and Social Policy from Harvard University.

Gannes offers a unique mix of educational, publishing, technology and business skills, combined with a strong sense of ethics and social values. He is an accomplished manager in education, research, media and software development fields, and has taken on financial responsibility for a multitude of projects and programs at start-ups, large corporations and non-profits. He is an entrepreneur, manager and coach with an open and inclusive style, and has the ability to bridge diverse positions and reach consensus. He has had success as a fund-raiser for “.coms”, “.orgs”, and “.edus”, and has experience working with venture capital firms, private philanthropists, government agencies and technology corporations. He is able to communicate effectively with creative talent, including engineers and scientists, entrepreneurs, students, educators, and journalists. His experience has also developed his skills in positioning organizations to improve quality, positioning and performance.