Santa Clara University

John Woldrich

Former COO, Fair, Issac & Co.

Fair, Isaac & Company is a case study in how to succeed against very long odds. The company pioneered the use of statistical evaluation systems to improve upon and radically change the way decisions were made for individuals by the Financial Services industry. Persuading companies to change methods that had been in use for centuries wasn't easy or accomplished quickly, but the result has been to have faster, fairer, and more abundant services in credit cards, personal loans, and insurance policies available today. John Woldrich was a key player in helping to grow Fair, Isaac from a very small, local company in the early 1970's to a leading international company today, with offices in Europe, Asia, and South America. Over a 28-year career with the company, John developed systems, served customers, created and managed operating units, and negotiated strategic alliances. As COO, he managed all of the companies operating units, including the credit, insurance, direct mail, and international business units, as well as a number of strategic alliances that he helped forge over the years. He was a member of Fair, Isaac's Board of Directors, as well as several subsidiary and joint venture companies. Now retired, John is still active as a director on the boards of InfoCentricity and Sunny Hills Children's Garden. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Santa Clara University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.