Santa Clara University

Kanika Vaish

MSIS Student

Coming to the valley with a fashion degree, I wanted to make a career switch. I was fascinated with the innovative, high growth information technology sector and wanted to be a part of it. I chose the MSIS program because it provided me with an opportunity to understand the technological aspects of the industry from a management viewpoint.

Although there have been times when my non-technical background has posed some challenges for me, it has made me push harder to learn as much as I can about technical areas before I go to the industry.

My experience at SCU has been very enriching, both inside and outside classroom. Having industry experts as my professors has provided me insights into the real problems faced by the organizations.

Group projects are a very important part of the MSIS curriculum, and a great deal of learning happens while working with peers who come with different perspectives from various industry backgrounds. Studying at SCU has given me an opportunity to expand my network which I feel will go a long way in helping me continue to grow in my new career.  Half way into the program now, I can’t wait to graduate and get out there to test my skills that I gained at SCU !