Santa Clara University

Shashank Soni

Current MSIS Student

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara MSIS program has been one of the most challenging, engaging, and rewarding experiences of my life. I was attracted to the program because of the location, small class size, and the industrial background of the professors.

The Santa Clara MSIS provides a curriculum combining top-notch technology courses and business classes from a leading business school. The unique aspect of this program is that the technical courses are taught with a business perspective and the real world applications in mind. The peer group consists of some of the top executives of the Valley which helps in knowledge sharing about current trends and also increasing one’s professional network. 

I strongly believe that the Capstone Project is a nonpareil experience, wherein the students get involved with the IT companies and develop real-life scenarios. Being a real- time project, it vastly enhances one’s academic and professional ability “simultaneously.”

The program has amplified my comprehensive knowledge of the current trends and technologies in IT to an extent that I believe it is a significant factor in further advancing my career.