Santa Clara University

Phillip White

Coach of Men's Club Volleyball, Research Fellowship Program SCU abroad bloggers.

Words of Wisdom
Get involved with clubs to meet upperclassman and utilize all the help that SCU offers like tutors. Upperclassman are very useful; even if you don't like them, if they have a car then pretend like you do. Tutors make homework ten times easier, you get it done faster, learn more, and get better grades, but most importantly you do less work!

Favorite Music Artist
I am a fan of all reggae: Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds, and Collie Buddz are my favorites.  They just keep it mellow with an upbeat. However, I like a little throw back of old school Sum 41 or Blink 182 to remind me of my younger days from time to time.  Also the new genera of music catching on called Dubstep is great for clubbing. I like a little bit of everything.