Santa Clara University

Drew Hodun

SCCAP, Student Ambassadors, “Into the Wild” Outdoors Club, Immersion Trips

Words of Wisdom
College, for everyone, can be a fresh start, a great new beginning.  Really focus on being yourself, doing things you love, trying new things out.  Yeah, you have work to do freshman year, but you have a LOT more time freshman year than the rest of college to get to know people, join clubs, make friends.  And in my opinion, making great friends, people that set you on fire and share their passions and their despairs with you, these are the people you want to find.  But you have to remember to be yourself.

Favorite Musical Artist
Classic artist: the Beatles
Right now: U2 because I think they have incredible things to say about the world, how it is, where it’s going.  Plus, COOLEST concert ever.