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Mother - daughter team share their first Alumni for Others (AFO) service day together as fellow alumni

Julia Hagan '79 Annie Murphy-Hagan '10

Mother - daughter team, Julia Hagan ’79 and Annie Murphy-Hagan '10 shared their first Alumni for Others (AFO) service day together as fellow alumni. 
Annie writes  "I always assumed that SCU would represent a special place where both of us became adults."Im happy to see now that SCU is not merely
a place of shared history for us, but a place that continues to provide meaningful experiences in our lives."  They spent time at DC Central Kitchen which
is a culinary agency that specializes in turning leftover food into meals for schools, transitional homes, shelters, and rehabilitation clinics throughout the DC area. 
At the same time, they provide culinary job training to formerly homeless adults.  

As a part of SCU Alumni Service for Others and National Month of Service, alumni helped with preparing meals to be delivered to DC shelters.


Annie is well aware of the important function the DC Central Kitchen serves in the District of Columbia. After graduating in June, she moved to Washington, D.C to do a year of service through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. She works 40 hours at Rachael's Women's Center, a day center for homeless women that, coincidentally, serves meals supplied by DC Central Kitchen. While at Rachael's, Annie coordinates activities, plans field trips, and recruits guest speakers. She also works part time on fundraising and development. One of the things Annie enjoys about Rachael's is the low-barrier nature of the work. "It's an incredibly honest environment. Our day center functions as a safe space away from the streets-- a place of hospitality and healing. Spending time with people who sleep outside or in a shelter, has taught me a lot about the on-goings of the city and daily challenges to recovery."