Santa Clara University

Room number: 39

American Assistance for Cambodia

Denise (Lilian) Delong '69

In 2007, Denise  (lLilian) Delong ’69 and her husband became involved with American Assistance for Cambodia.  In conjunction with the Cambodian government and the Asian Development arm of the World Bank, they were able  to have a five room school built in rural Cambodia. This year they helped educate over 200 students from four villages.  Their ongoing fundraising operations have made it possible to provide  English and computer teachers, 4 computers, an internet connection, a nurse, and a well with water filters.   Money was also allocated for scholarships to allow girls from impoverished families, who would otherwise need to go to work, with enough income to stay in school.  Either Denise or her husband travels to the school each year to assess their needs, progress, and bring valuable medicine and supplies.  

Denise shares “It has been an incredible experience!    Anyone can help make the world a better place..... working together, you can accomplish anything!