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Broncos promote Jesuit philosophy of men and women for others

St. Raymond School

The Jesuit values that were instilled in Broncos as Santa Clara University students continue as they continue to lead by example and now mentor their children.   Without the many dedicated Bronco volunteers, St. Raymond School would not be what it is today.  Selflessness is a large factor of volunteer work and no group realizes and lives out this quality more than those in the Bronco community.  These alumni volunteers did not even realize the amount of hours they dedicated to the school until Cat Westover ’84 interviewed them and brought their significant contributions to their attention. 

Below are brief summaries of the work these generous volunteers gave:

For the past 14 years, Scott Ritchey ’82 has been a coach and mentor for numerous sports teams. Scott has led squads in both girls and boys in basketball, Pop Warner, and Tennis.  Along with his dedicated involvement with school sports, Scott is also a board member for the Catholic Charities Golf Tournament; He annually Co-Chairs the Lobster Feed, and acts as the Auctioneer for the annual school auction.  His involvement is important and valued in every aspect of life at St. Raymond School.
Years ago, when Scott put out a call for help in coaching his son’s basketball team, he did not hesitate to call fellow Bronco Sean Carney MBA ’90.  Sean did not have any kids yet, but was more than happy to help out.   Sean now has four boys at St. Raymond and spends many hours as a volunteer coach for the basketball program and Alpine Little League baseball.   

Doug Kaufman ’80 coaches baseball, basketball and volleyball.  His volunteering started long before his work at St. Raymond, when he was a student at SCU assisting kids with Downs’ Syndrome.  He’s continued working with developmentally and physically challenged youth through the Little League Challenger Division.  Doug believes, “The Little League Challenger Division gives challenged kids the opportunity to put on a uniform, go on the field, and be a part of something most of them have only seen their siblings do.  It also gives their parents the chance to cheer them on from the stands, something many of them have never done.”  Having coached baseball, basketball, and volleyball, Doug was recently honored by the Positive Coaching Alliance. 

Paul Rubens ’84 donates time at St. Raymond coaching basketball and, more recently, helping with this year’s Pumpkin Patch festivities. Paul recognizes where he can be of help, not only at St. Raymond, but at another local school where he volunteers mentoring a 5th grader, and at Second Harvest Food Bank where he helps sort food.

Yvette (Sassus) Scannell ’87 volunteered to coach several volleyball teams and also has been responsible for organizing league meets as the volleyball commissioner.  In addition to her many years of volleyball volunteering, Yvette chairs the school Scrip program, serves on the auction committee and has been a room parent several times and enjoys helping with the St. Francis Center toy drive.  While at Santa Clara, Yvette volunteered as a math tutor and now works to instill that same spirit in her children.  Her daughter, a junior at St. Ignatius High School, enjoys helping at the St. Anthony Food Kitchen.

Joe Carcione III ’89 started volunteering as a baseball coach while still at Santa Clara.  Over the years he has also coached soccer, softball, and basketball.  He’s treasurer of Strikers Soccer Academy and VP of his Italian Club.  At St. Raymond, he is the Men’s Club President, and chairs both the Booster Club and the Poker Tournament fundraiser, and is working on the committee to create St. Raymond’s 5-year Strategic Plan. 

Mary (Williams) Coyle ’92 works on the committee to create St. Raymond’s 5-year Strategic Plan as well.   She is also the Spiritual Chair who is responsible for post-mass coffee, as well as the annual Mothers’ Club Spiritual Retreat.  Mary chaired a school auction committee, the school Jog-a-thon fundraiser, and also was on the Mothers’ Club Advisory Board and Strategic Plan Committee.  Outside of St. Raymond she coached the Leukemia & Lymphoma Team-in-Training for several years.  Mary believes that, “At Santa Clara, the Jesuit Model of Men and Women for Others was strongly emphasized, I’m just trying to live the gospel message by taking an active role in the larger community.” 

Andrea Angell ’90, MBA ’00 is ever-present at St. Raymond helping with the computer lab, reading to children in the library and dishing out hot lunches.  She also coaches the 5th grade girls’ basketball team.  She’s taught Sunday school for the past three years and currently sits on the Menlo School Alumni Board.

As a SCU student, Chris (Pola) McCanna ’93 was filming a documentary at a homeless shelter when a well-dressed woman and her two kids walked in.  Thinking the woman was there to volunteer, Chris walked over to interview her.  “It was a big eye-opener to find out the woman’s husband had just left her and they were there to stay,” Chris explained.  Today, in addition to eagerly volunteering at St. Raymond School, Chris also facilitates Women’s Leadership Circle, an adult support group.  With her husband Bryan McCanna ‘92 she is active with Hands on Bay Area which provides a calendar of volunteer opportunities.

Kerrin (Stephens) Meinhardt ’92 has volunteered at an autistic school and Agnew’s Day Care.  In the last few years she’s volunteered on two parochial campuses, St. Raymond and Nativity School.  Her volunteer activities include Mothers’ Club Treasurer, room mom, lunch counter, yard duty, Art in Action, auction committee and Jog-a-thon co-chair.  She also volunteers at her daughter’s dance academy.  

Daria (Schuler) Smithers ’89 wanted to do something worthwhile and give back to the community so she’s since been ever present at St. Raymond’s as the Mothers’ Club Treasurer, room mom, and library and computer lab helper.  Outside the school she helps at the St. Francis Center in Redwood City, an organization which helps families in need with essential services.

Dan McCoy ’92 notes, “It’s easy to write a check but I find it’s much more fulfilling to be physically there.”  Living this mantra, Dan donates his time at the St. Raymond Jog-a-thon as well as in the school’s computer lab and library. 

Monica (Murnane) Morey ’92 has co-chaired the annual Gift Wrap Fundraiser, auction committee.  She also helped in the computer lab and library, along with yard duty and lunch counter.  Her husband, Luke Morey ’93, along with a buddy from Santa Clara, spent two weeks helping rebuild homes after the flood.

One theme Cat (Girolami) Westover ’84 noticed that consistently arose throughout the interviews: Santa Clara was instrumental in fostering a sense of helping others.  These Santa Clara Alumni are making a difference in people’s lives.  They support the school’s programs and staff, enrich kids’ learning experiences, and strengthen Christian values.  In addition to school service, their tireless work enhances existing social programs throughout the community.  These Santa Clara alumni continue to live the 450-year-old Jesuit tradition of service to others.

Along with bringing to light all the good Santa Clara Alums do for their community, Cat (Girolami) Westover also voraciously volunteers at St. Raymond School, in her community and currently sits on the SCU Alumni Board.