Santa Clara University

"Graphics Based Craigslist"

Jack Sung, Shuye Wu, and Arturo Posadas

 Graphics Based Craigslist is a “Craigslist” application that is completely graphics based, with the exception of numerical characters. No literacy of any kind is required to use this application, users would only be required to understand the basic concept of numbers. In rural areas, inefficiencies in communication is a classic problem and severely slows down the trade in these areas. One cause of the inefficiency is the difficulty of communicating across many zones with different dialects and cultures (for example, in the case of India). A graphics-based “Craigslist” application will bypass these barriers to temporarily meliorate these inefficiencies in trade. The service will be hosted on the local cloud. The application on the phone interacts with the local database on the cloud through one of the many instances of the web service using PHP.