Santa Clara University

Kathleen Rose Petroff '13

International Ambassador

Why do you want to serve as an International Ambassador?
I would like to serve as an International Ambassador at SCU because before I left for abroad, the information the Ambassadors gave to me was so incredibly informative and helpful, and I want to be able to help those students next year.
Deciding factor for studying abroad?
My main factors, were the language that I studied, which was Spanish. Also, I heavily listened to what my friends recommended and where they had studied before.
Defining Moment Abroad?
When I went to visit Munich in Germany, I fully tested my ability to to survive and be independent. I had to get from the airport to my hotel with only 20 euros. After staring and trying to decipher a completely new language I finally managed to find the train that would take me to the hotel. Once I arrived in the hotel, I knew that I could master any challenge in any country in any language.
Advise to Prospective study abroad students?
I would recommend that any new student bring twice the money, half the clothes, and none of the concerns. Also, to leave all your worries at home and take all the chances you can abroad.