Santa Clara University

Elizabeth Sur '13

International Ambassador


Why do you want to serve as an International Ambassador?
For me, the study abroad experience changed my life. I want to help encourage and prepare future students abroad in Barcelona. I think I can give good information based on my own personal experience. I know that meeting the other students who did SCU Barcelona before me was the most helpful part preparing for my upcoming study abroad experience. I would love to help other students go through the same preparation process in the future!
Deciding factor for studying abroad?
I have talked about studying abroad in Spain since I was a freshman in high school. I have always wanted to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking environment to aid in me learning the language. Besides that, I also chose Barcelona for its rich history and because I knew it had so much in the city. I just wanted the opportunity to experience it all first-hand.
Defining Moment Abroad?
or me, a defining moment in my study abroad experience was when a tourist stopped m in the street and asked for directions. I felt so proud of myself, because not only could I navigate around this city, which is impressive in itself because I am usually terrible with directions, but I also did it entirely in Spanish, a language that I could not formulate a sentence in before my experience. Intellectually, I felt like I had experienced so much from a linguistic experience. From a personal level, I now think I want to live abroad after college. I cannot wait to continue my adventures throughout the rest of my life.
Advice to Prospective study abroad students?
In retrospect, the one thing I wish I did before my plane departure to Barcelona was to practice and refresh what little Spanish knowledge I did have. I think it could have made a big difference, especially since I was so rusty when I first got there. Besides that, I think I really did the best a student could do to experience every possible aspect of this amazing city. I saw movies, plays, performances, museums, monuments, sports games, and more. I experienced every single thing I could possible be a part of in Barcelona. I think I truly got the most I possibly could out of this experience. Most of all, I think the thing that I did best was develop a good relationship with my host mom. I experienced the largest part of the culture through her. She was amazing! She made my experience everything it could be!