Santa Clara University

Impact Capital

Through its experience providing direct capacity development assistance to more than 160 early phase social benefit organizations worldwide, CSTS offers a unique perspective to the global development sector. Capitalizing on its location in the Silicon Valley, CSTS continues to expand its presence working with the impact capital investment community to enhance capital flow to promising enterprises serving the developing world. Addressing critical obstacles to international development, CSTS embraces the philosophy that meaningful social impact requires financially viable enterprises, which serve as basis for economic growth and delivery of essential services to impoverished communities. The impact capital program researches the current state of the impact investing field and facilitates the communication of expectations for both enterprises and investors creating a stable and sustainable flow of capital for greater impact through social enterprises around the world.


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Quick Facts:
Name: Impact Capital
Founded in: 2011
Founder and Director:  John Kohler
Publications: ?Coordinating Impact Capital? July 2011
Impact Capital Definition: Impact capital is investment dollars that are actively directed towards businesses that generate social and/or environmental good. Impact capital offers a new alternative for channeling large-scale private capital for social benefit.