Santa Clara University

Danielle Dhanoa

Dani Dhanoa is a junior Economics major, with minors in International Business and Environmental Studies, from San Diego. Growing up, she dreamt of a career in medicine, fascinated by the science and enlivened by the fact she could provide a service people truly needed. Since then she has become concerned with sustainability, business ethics, environmental justice, and the economic comparisons between developing and developed nations. Her fields of study have opened her eyes to the innumerable environmental, economic, and social problems that have been unsuccessfully addressed for years. She believes that social entrepreneurship is the best avenue for finding creative, effective solutions to these problems, and is eager to take part in making a real positive impact on people's lives. She is con?dent that this fellowship will help develop the skills and experiences necessary to be a real change agent, bene?tting her community, her society, and her planet.