Santa Clara University

Nate Funkhouser

Nate Funkhouser is a junior with a major in Political Science with minors in Latin American Studies and Art History from Gig Harbor, Washington. He spent the summer of 2011 working with a nonprofit organization in Turkey, and the fall term of 2011 at the Casa Program at the Universidad de Centroamericana in El Salvador. He is deliberating his career path in either public sector service, nonprofit work, or labor/community organizing. He began as a Business major, but transferred to Political Science because of his interest in community service. This fellowship appeals to him because he sees social entrepreneurship as offing things the nonprofit sector cannot. He has qualitative and quantitative social science research experience. While in El Salvador, he spent time on an extended homestay with a paralyzed youth in a wheelchair tutoring him in English. He described this experience as personally transformative, and would like to continue this type of work.