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Rose Madden

Administrative Assistant, Food and Agriculture Institute

Rose is the new part-time  Administrative Assistant for the Food and Agribusiness Institute. She provides administrative support to Erika French-Arnold and Greg Baker. Together, with a great team of student assistants, Rose helps coordinate speaker events, the annual dinner, marketing the FAI concentration within the MBA program and to undergraduate students, plan immersion trips, field trips, seminars, and conferences. While not working at FAI, Rose splits her time as the Organic Garden Manager at the Forge Garden, SCU's educational and demonstration garden.

Rose was born in Vermont, and raised on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.She developed a love for nature, horticulture, and gardening at an early age and worked as a landscape-gardener during the summers. She attended Santa Clara University for her undergraduate education, earning degrees in Political Science and Environmental Studies (class of 2009). During her senior year she traveled abroad with the School for Field Studies and spent three months in rural Kenya. In Kenya she studied the impacts of tourism, wildlife populations, environmental degradation, and socio-economic challenges on the local people. Learning about,  and witnessing the struggles of developing nations first hand, especially in the context of agriculture and economic development, impacted Rose's course of study and career choice. 
Upon returning from Kenya, Rose began interning and volunteering at Full Circle Farm, a non-profit, community-based farm in Sunnyvale, CA. She was hired as the Assistant Farm Manager, and catapulted into the role of Farm Manager a year-and-a-half later, when the former Farm Manager resigned. In the four years she spent managing organic crop production at Full Circle Farm, Rose developed a strong understanding of the economic, social, political, and of course, agricultural knowledge that goes into running a farm and a non-profit organization. She helped Full Circle Farm grow its production buy 40%, developed new fundraising events and strategies, and was a lead project manager for a $100k capacity building grant. 
Now back at Santa Clara University, Rose is excited to apply her community development and agricultural skills to her new roles in the Food and Agribusiness Institute and at the Forge Garden. She intends to go back for her MBA and continue to work in fields promoting organic agriculture, local food security, and ecological health.