Santa Clara University

Professor Mike Levenhagen

Mike Levenhagen

Global Social Benefit Faculty Fellow

Mike Levenhagen, MBA, Ph.D., is an adjunct lecturer in the management department at Santa Clara University. He has taught general management, strategy, and entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois, Warwick University, the University of Western Ontario, Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, and San Jose State.  He has 19 teaching awards, 100+ conference presentations, management case studies, and 8 academic publications.  Mike?s research has focused on the socio-cognitive formations of embryonic high-technology industries, and more recently on spirituality in organizing.

Mike has been a management consultant and coach to professional service firms (accounting, law, valuation, and succession planning) in Silicon Valley, the manager of Cisco?s Technology Apprenticeship Program, the manager for a software product-development team in the banking industry, an institutional broker for a primary government securities dealer, an operations manager for a 6-firm holding company, and the manager of a few specialty retailing operations. Mike has served CNA Insurance, Caterpillar, Ernst & Young, CIBC Wood Gundy, and various small-to-medium businesses as an adviser.  Mike has started two companies:  a wholesale distributor and a business brokerage.  Mike was an U.S. Army officer who served in Viet Nam and Korea (13 decorations).  He and his wife are avid downhill mountain bikers and previously avid rock climbers in the Sierra.  Mike has been a practicing Buddhist for 25+ years.