Santa Clara University

Emile McAnany

Senior Research Fellow


Emile McAnany is former Walter E. Schmidet S.J. Professor (1997-2009) at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley. He was chair of the Department of Communication (1997-2002) and has been associated with the Center for Science Technology and Society at the University since the Center's inception in 1999. Before coming to Santa Clara he taught at the University of Texas Austin (1979-1996) in the Department of Radio, Television and Film and the Institute for Latin American Studies and held two endowed professorships from 1987-1996. He has published ten books, most recently Saving the World: A Brief History of Communication for Development and Social Change (Univ. of Illinois Press 2012) and Mass Media and Free Trade (Univ. of Texas Press 1996). He had also been a research associate, lecturer and acting assistant professor at the Institute for Communication Research at Stanford University (1970-1978) where he also received his PhD in 1970. Much of his research has been in the field and has been focused on evidence-based outcome studies of media used for education, health, demography etc. in developing countries. He has also focused attention on specific ICTs and their social and economic consequences for users. Early work on radio and later on television has continued over the last decades to include teaching both theory and methodology for social change for both graduate and undergraduate education at three universities. His fieldwork has focused on Latin America and Africa in longer-term research projects in Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Cote d?Ivoire as well as shorter-term consultancies in a number of other developing environments. He is most concerned that his students might participate in and experience other people's life challenges in order to help solve global problems of the twenty-first century.

BA English Rockhurst College 1951

MA English and Drama St. Louis University 1958

PhD Stanford University 1970