Santa Clara University

Niki Agrawal

Nikita (Niki) Agrawal is a Psychobiology major and International Business minor student at Santa Clara University (class of 2014). Her interest in social entrepreneurship stems from her experience studying abroad for five months in India, where a Socioeconomics course with field excursions introduced her to the social work being done in the developing world. Nikita specifically analyzed the self-perpetuating cycle of poverty that afflicts millions and the solutions to combating such issues in a globalizing world. Primarily interested in promoting education, Nikita looks forward to her work with Equal Access, whose primary mission is to "Inform. Educate. Inspire." She believes education molds the foundation for superior individual and societal welfare, and that creating markets with correctly aligned incentives in education can have long-term beneficial effects on worldwide problems such as health and unemployment as well. Her unique combination of study at Santa Clara allows her to cross-culturally analyze the markets that create and sustain social value, and through the fellowship, she hopes to use such key insights and soft skills to promote social change through social entrepreneurship. Nikita is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician and is passionate about dancing, particularly jazz, hip hop, and Bollywood.