Santa Clara University

Philip Eukel

Phillip Eukel is a junior majoring in Communications, film emphasis, with a minor in Classics and is exuberant about his opportunity to work with Anudip and iMerit this
summer. Originally from the Lone Star State, Texas, Phil has been inspired by his time at Santa Clara University. Always fascinated by stories, be they in books, film, television, magazines, or grandparents stories, Santa Clara helped shaped Phil's passion for narrative and realize a career in film. A firm believer in the Jesuit ideal of  "Men for Others" fostered through his years of Jesuit education, Phil wanted to find a way to facilitate his passion for film, and serve those in need. Fantastically, the Global Social Benefit Fellowship gave him an opportunity to see how the two can meld together in practice not simply in theory.  Through the fellowship, Phil will be able to learn about social entrepreneurship and transmute that knowledge through his films to a wider audience. In his study of social entrepreneurship, he hopes to use Anudip and iMerit as inspirational motivators for the "Average Joe's" of the world to get up and serve others. Working with Anudip and iMerit allows Phil to expand his documentary film skill set and provide him with a compelling reel to show to future investors in the hopes of creating more narratives promoting social good throughout the world. For Phil, the Global Social Benefit Fellowship is a way to practice the Jesuit ideals
that inspired him and take a step forward in his budding film career.