Santa Clara University

Emily Albi

Emily Albi, class of 2014, is a Mechanical Engineering major from Redmond, Washington. After visiting the Guatemala highlands with her grandparents in high school, she struck by the value of doctors and engineers. She was inspired to study engineering so as to cultivate skills that had the potential to make an impact in the developing world. When she learned about social entrepreneurship in an honors course she took as a sophomore at Santa Clara, she knew she had found something incredible. Social entrepreneurship, to Emily, is a sustainable and efficient vehicle for social change that brings all kinds of professionals together for a common goal. She has been working at the Center for Science, Technology, and Society as a research assistant for Energy Sector work since the beginning of her junior year. Through this work, she learns about off-grid energy solutions in new ways that drawn her in even more. Emily looks forward to working with Solar Sister/Angaza Design in Uganda in the summer. She hopes to bring the technical skills she has learned in studying Mechanical Engineering, as well as the drive to make a difference in off-grid energy. A love for foreign cultures and people continually propels her to travel, and she is thrilled to have the chance to contribute to off-grid energy solutions.