Santa Clara University

Phone: 408-554-4900
Room number: Benson 212

Janna Silvis

Central Operations Manager

Janna Silvis is the most recent addition to the Housing Team and began her tenure at Santa Clara University in August 2013. Janna earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology at Whitworth University where she also worked as a Resident Assistant for three years. After her time at Withworth University, Janna studied Negotiation & Dispute Resolution at Creighton University where she earned a Masters degree.

Janna loves working with the SCU students as well as meeting the various new people who come into the office. In her spare time Janna enjoys running, hiking, roller-blading, and drinking coffee. For Janna, spending time outdoors with friends is very life-giving!

Janna offers the following advice to incoming first-year students, "be open to living with someone you don't know - it can be an exciting and rewarding experience!"

Janna's favorite film is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Janna loves learning people's stories - what makes them who they are, why they think and act certain ways, what experiences have brought them to their current place....this movie does a beautiful job of telling one little boys story. Watch it!