Santa Clara University

Location: Alumni Science Hall
Room number: 210

Kathryn Bruchmann

Assistant Professor



PhD., University of Iowa 
Social Psychology
Psyc 2: General Psychology II
Psyc 150: Social Psychology
Psyc 43: Research Methods
My research is primarily focused on how we make comparisons. I am interested in social comparison processes, or how comparing with others changes our self-perceptions (usually for the better!), and I am also interested in how people make comparative judgments (usually in a biased way!) more generally. Other areas of interest include construal level theory and stereotype threat. 
Representative Publications
Bruchmann, K., & Evans, A. (2013). Abstract mindsets and social comparison: When global comparisons matter. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, 427-433. 
Bruchmann, K., Suls, J., Lee, S., Rose, J.P., Krizan, Z., & Windschitl, P.D. (2013). Searching for the limits and explanations of the nonselective superiority bias. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, 124- 130.