Santa Clara University

London Knight

Biology Major

London Knight never takes her scholarship for granted, but what about the University Library where she finds herself daily. It wasn't until serving on the student philanthropy committee that Knight realized the far-ranging impact of alumni support.

"I've always understood how financial aid has made it possible for me to attend Santa Clara," she says. "But I never realized how many activities, programs, and even facilities on campus are also made possible through the generosity of donors."

Knight, a member of the Class of 2016, came to Santa Clara from San Diego with dreams of being a doctor, which have placed her on a premed track. From the first time she visited the campus, London felt like part of a special community. Her connections have broadened and she notes that her professors, and even fellow students, are always available to answer questions after class.

In addition to her involvement with student philanthropy, she also organizes service trips with her residence hall, San Fillipo. She is grateful for the support that allowed her to join a community she calls the "Santa Clara family."

"The donors who've helped make possible the generous financial assistance I've received are an important part of this community. I can't thank them enough for being part of my inspiration and making my education possible."