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VALUE Rubrics
This set of rubrics was created out of the Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project in the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). Teams of faculty and other academic and student affairs professions from across the US developed and tested these rubrics and have confirmed their validity and reliability for use across disciplines. 

Other Rubrics
Class Participation Rubrics
Written Communication Rubrics
Written Communication and Critical Reading Rubric (University of Florida)

Oral Communication Rubrics
Ethics and Moral Decision Making Rubrics
Ethical and Moral Decision Making Rubric (University of Charleston)

Natural Science Rubrics

Natural Sciences Rubric (Florida State)
Scientific Inquiry (University of South Carolina)

Mathematics Rubrics
Math Rubrics for 5 Learning Objectives (Discipline Panel in Mathematics)

Arts Rubrics
Visual Arts Rubrics (Wyoming Arts Assessment Coalition)

Portfolio/ePortfolio Rubrics
Professional ePortfolio

Philosophy Rubrics
Philosophy Analysis Paper Rubric (Carnegie Mellon University)

History Rubrics
History Essay and Research Paper Rubric (Carnegie Mellon University)

Civil Engineering Rubrics
Senior Project Design Rubric (Carnegie Mellon University)

Anthropology Rubrics
Anthropology Analysis Paper Rubric (Carnegie Mellon University)

English Rubrics
Literary Analysis Rubric (Gallaudet University)

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