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Inclusive Excellence Student Advisory Council

Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008

Provost’s Council on Inclusive Excellence

Student Advisory Council


The Inclusive Excellence Student Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Provost’s Council on Inclusive Excellence. The student group’s role is to communicate to the Provost’s Council the student body’s voice on issues related to diversity, multicultural learning and inclusive excellence; to share information on diversity, multicultural learning and inclusive excellence from their respective organizations; and to provide a channel of communication from the Provost’s Council to their respective organizations.


The Student Advisory Council will be composed of student representatives from SCU graduate and undergraduate organizations that have elected representatives. Its members will be selected by and from the elected representatives in a given academic year. Student Advisory Council members will serve for one year, and they may be reappointed for a second year by their respective organizations.

2008-09 Student Representatives

  • Associated Student – Casey Elder, Class of 2009
  • Associated Student – pending
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee – Brianna Anderson
  • Counseling Psychology Graduate Student Association – Sonia Mann, graduate student
  • Education Graduate Student Association – Jessica Gagnon, graduate student
  • Multicultural Center – Alicia Nguyen, Class of 2009
  • Residential Learning Community Association – pending
  • Student Bar Association – Christopher Rusca, graduate student


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