Santa Clara University


Brutocao Family Foundation Award for Curriculum Innovation

The Brutocao Family Foundation Award for Curriculum Innovation recognizes faculty who have improved the quality of education at Santa Clara University through significant innovations in pedagogy or curriculum development--particularly when those innovations affect a significant number of students--and who have exhibited general excellence in teaching. For nomination information click here.

Award Winners:

2008 Laura Nichols (Sociology)

2006 Leilani Miller (Biology)

Margaret McLean (Religious Studies)

2005 Edward Schaefer (Mathematics and Computer Science)

2004 William Stover (Political Science)

2003 Henry Demmert (Economics)
Steven Wade (Finance)

2002 Russell Skowronek (Anthropology and Sociology)

2001 Cynthia Baker
Jill Goodman Gould (English)

2000 Paul Soukup, S.J. (Communication)

1999 James Sepe (Accounting)
Douglas Sweet (English)

1998 Brian McNelis (Chemistry)

1997 Ronald L. Danielson (Computer Engineering)

1996 Catherine Bell (Religious Studies)

1995 William S. Greenwalt (Classics)
Helen Moritz (Classics)
William J. Prior (Philosophy)

1994 Claudia Mon Pere McIsaac (English)

1993 Charles Powers (Anthropology/Sociology)

1992 Lawrence R. Iannaccone (Economics)

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