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Louis and Dorina Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence

The Louis and Dorina Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes outstanding faculty who promote intellectual curiosity and active learning; model and foster intellectual rigor and honesty and a zest for learning; develop connections between course material and life outside the classroom; are available to students, attentive to their needs, and enjoy the teacher-student relationship. This award honors those teachers who, over a period of years, have made a real difference: those who have served as exemplars in the Santa Clara, Jesuit tradition of service, who have challenged their students in ways that have forced them to look at the world afresh, who have exerted a major influence over the intellectual and moral development of their students, who have, in short, made an imprint that is still felt in some way years after graduation. For nomination information click here.

Award Winners:

2012 Scott LaBarge (Philosophy and Classics)

2011 Charles "Chuck" Powers (Sociology)

2010 Brian McNelis (Chemistry)

2009 William J. Prior (Philosophy)

2008 David Pinault (Religious Studies)

2007 Eileen Elrod (English)

2006 Phil Kesten (Physics)

2005 Marilyn Fernandez (Anthropology and Sociology)

2004 John Heath (Classics)

2003 Linda Brunauer(Chemistry)

2002 Rose Marie Beebe (Modern Languages and Literature)

2001 Bill Greenwalt (Classics)

2000 Mario Belotti (Economics)

1999 M. Ann Brady (English)

1998 Robert Senkewicz, S.J. (History)

1997 Fred D. White (English)

1996 Steven C. Chiesa (Civil Engineering)

1995 Robert J. Pfeiffer (Chemistry)

1994 Frederick J. Parrella (Religious Studies)

1993 George F. Giacomini, Jr. (History)

1992 Eric O. Hanson (Political Science)

1991 Eugene J. Fisher (Mechanical Engineering)

1990 Carolyn A. Mitchell (English)

1989 Timothy O'Keefe (History)

1988 Gerald E. Markle (Applied Mathematics)

1987 Theodore J. Mackin, S.J. (Religious Studies)


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