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Support and Flexibility

  • iconTime Off (Leaves)

    Santa Clara offers a number of leaves so faculty can succeed professionally while maintaining healthy personal lives.

  • iconTeaching Flexibility Policies

    Aware that time is a precious commodity, the University has developed several policies that permit faculty to adjust their teaching schedules to allow for greater work flexibility.

  • iconFaculty Housing Assistance Program

    Recognizing the importance of affordable housing, the University has established two housing assistance programs for tenure-track faculty: a rental assistance program and a purchase assistance program.

  • iconRetirement

    Santa Clara’s retirement benefits help individuals build long-term savings and a source of income after they retire from the University.

  • iconEducation Benefit

    Santa Clara University strongly supports the intellectual development of its faculty and staff as well as their families by offering an education benefit.

  • iconFinancial Consultation

    The University provides a variety of financial consulting services to help faculty and staff plan for their retirement and make wise financial decisions.

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Faculty Development Program

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