Santa Clara University

Office for Diversity and Inclusion


The Office for Diversity and Inclusion is responsible for developing strategies for the recruitment, retention and success of faculty from underrepresented groups; designing approaches for promoting a student climate of inclusive excellence by collaborating with many University offices in sponsoring curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programs; and coordinating with the Offices of Enrollment Management, Affirmative Action, and Human Resources in efforts to recruit a more diverse student body and staff.

To those ends, the Office for Diversity and Inclusion collaborates with the following campus organizations and individuals.

Council on Inclusive Excellence

Advances the campus-wide goal of achieving excellence through inclusion. The Council chair is Aldo Billingslea (Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion).

Phone: 408-554-4533 (appointments)

Affirmative Action Office

The office, reporting to the General Counsel, is responsible for Policy 311, Equal Employment Opportunity, ADA Compliance, and Affirmative Action Programs.

Belinda Guthrie, EEO and Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 408 554 4113

Faculty Development Program

The office, led by the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development and reporting to the Associate Provost for Research Initiatives and Faculty Affairs, provides support for the professional development of all Santa Clara faculty as teaching scholars.

Elsa Chen, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development
Phone: 408-551-7055

Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

The Center, reporting to the President, is dedicated to preserving and extending the unique mission and identity of Santa Clara University.

Michael McCarthy, S.J., Executive Director (until 1/1/2016)
Phone: 408-554-4715

Office for Multicultural Learning

The office, reporting to the Vice Provost for Student Life, coordinates, collaborates and promotes cross-campus programming and related initiatives for purposes of enhancing SCU's goals for diversity and inclusive excellence and to provide a welcoming campus climate in conjunction with the Council on Inclusive Excellence.

Jade Agua, Program Director
Phone: 408-551-7171

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center is a student organization within the Center for Student Leadership (CSL), which is part of Student Life. It is a multicultural programming body and racial/ethnic advocacy voice for the campus community, and it supports nine student cultural organizations.

Lauren Gardiner, Director
Phone: 408-554-4926

Jade Agua, CSL Staff Advisor
Phone: 408 551 7171

Human Resources

Reporting to the General Counsel, the mission of Human Resources is to partner with the SCU community to build a competent, conscientious and compassionate workforce.

Charles Ambelang, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Phone: 408-554-5345

Enrollment Management

The office, led by the Vice President for Enrollment Management, includes Undergraduate Admission, Office of Financial Aid and the Enrollment Services Center (a One Stop Shop for assistance with financial aid, the Bursar's office and the Office of the Registrar).

Undergraduate Admission:
Financial Aid:

Mike Sexton, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Phone: 408-554-4700

Institutional Research

The office, reporting to the Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, provides objective, systematic and thorough research and analysis in support of the University's strategic and operational planning, policy formation, and decision making.

Barbara Stewart, Director
Phone: 408-554-4396

Office of Marketing and Communications

The office, reporting to the Vice President for University Relations, provides marketing counsel and related editorial, photographic and graphic design services to the SCU community.

Christine Crandell, Interim AVP
Phone: 408-551-6068

Academic Deans

Debbie Tahmassebi, College of Arts and Sciences
Caryn Beck-Dudley, Leavey School of Business
Godfrey Mungal, School of Engineering
Carol Ann Gittens (Interim Dean), School of Education and Counseling Psychology
Lisa Kloppenberg, School of Law
Thomas Massaro, S.J., Jesuit School of Theology

Vice Provosts

Robert Owen, Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for Information Services
Diane Jonte-Pace, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Ed Ryan, Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students

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