Santa Clara University


Program Review

Program Review Process and Guidelines


As part of its commitment to academic excellence as a Catholic and Jesuit university, Santa Clara University supports an ongoing process of program improvement. Every academic unit participates in an annual assessment of student learning and a comprehensive self study or program review once every eight years, unless professional accreditation schedules require more frequent review.

A one-page Checklist has been developed for the 2013-2014 Program Review cycle. A set of Powerpoint slides summarizing the Program Review process is available here.

The Guidelines for Academic Program Review have been designed to help departments navigate the program review process. The guidelines are divided into seven sections and four appendices:

Section One: Introduction
Section Two: Eight-Year Program Review Cycle
Section Three: Two-Year Self Study Schedule
Section Four: Guidelines for Self Study Report
Section Five: Guidelines for Visiting Teams
Section Six: Guidelines for Revised Action Plan
Section Seven: Guidelines for Integration of Program Review into Planning
Appendix A: Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research
Appendix B: Strategies for Departments Undertaking Self Studies
Appendix C: Broader Context of Assessment and Program Review
Appendix D: Summary of 2011 Strategic Plan


Program Review Support and Contact Information


For further information or advice about program review, programs should consult with their Dean or one of the following:

Ed Ryan, Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
408 554 5182

The Director of the Office of Assessment is available to provide advice and technical assistance on all aspects of the assessment of student learning outcomes, which is an integral part of the program review process.

Christine Bachen, Director, Office of Assessment
St. Joseph's Hall, first floor, room 114
408 551 3298

The Director of the Office of Institutional Research provides data to support the program review process. In some cases, IR also is able to assist programs with data analysis.

Barbara Stewart, Director, Office of Institutional Research
Walsh Administration Building, Lower Level
408 554 4396