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Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Reaccreditation Timeline

All tasks were undertaken by the WASC Self Study Steering Committee, the WASC subcommittees for the three themes, and by consultants in the University community.

See 2010-2011 Reaccreditation Timeline: PDF

Spring 2007

•    Completed Institutional Proposal
•    Considered revisions to questions associated with surveys:  HERI, CSS, CIRP, etc.
•    Data Inventory: IR Web site and other University sites
•    Located preliminary information for CFR Worksheet/Matrix

Summer 2007

•    Conference call with WASC Proposal Review Committee, June 27, 2007
•    Reviewed feedback from conference call; revised Institutional Proposal
•    Prepared for studies to begin in 2007

Fall 2007

•    Proposal approved
•    Shared feedback from Proposal Review Committee with University
•    Prioritized research questions; further developed timeline for research inquiries
•    Began building CPR and EER evidence and data portfolios
•    Began pilot testing new surveys/instruments 
•    Administered CIRP, HERI, Sloane surveys
•    Identified appropriate assessment tools for core curriculum

Winter-Spring 2008

•    Gathered and assessed CPR and EER evidence
•    Posted reports and data on WASC Web site
•    Focus groups: Inclusive Excellence
•    Administered CSS, NSSE, Library survey, RLC survey
•    Advised Task Force: conference and analysis of CSS/NSSE data
•    Several faculty attended WASC Conference in San Diego

Summer 2008

•    Interpreted evidence, developed preliminary draft/recommendations
•    Evaluated pilot survey/instrument data from Fall 07

Fall 2008

•    Full-day committee retreat to discuss preliminary draft and evaluate evidence
•    Gathered, reviewed/assessed and adjusted CPR and EER plans
•    Initiated CCTST and CCTDI testing of incoming students
•    Revised draft CPR

Winter-Spring 2009

•    Updated proposal data tables
•    Completed CPR data tables
•    Updated Web site
•    Circulated draft for community response; revised as appropriate

Summer 2009

•    Completed CPR Web site
•    Submitted CPR report to WASC

Fall 2009

•    Hosted CPR visit: October 20 - 22, 2009
•    Evaluated first cycle of CCTST and CCTDI testing; made recommendations regarding critical thinking and analytic reasoning in the curriculum
•    Reviewed other assessment tools and results

Winter-Spring 2010

•    Reviewed Commission Action Letter focusing on CPR
•    Debriefed; responded to Commission Action Letter
•    Half-day committee retreat to review feedback from site visit team; brought new committee members up to speed; reviewed the timeline and adjusted as necessary
•    Continued to build and assessed/interpreted EER evidence

Fall 2010

•    Reviewed and reflected on EER evidence
•    Assigned writing tasks; drafted EER report
•    Circulated drafts for community response
•    Submitted EER report to WASC in early November

Winter-Spring 2011

•    Hosted EER visit: February 7 - 9, 2011

Summer-Fall 2011

•    Received Commission Action Letter focusing on EER
•    Debriefed; responded to Commission Action Letter

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