Santa Clara University

Completing the ELSJ Requirement

See the Core Guide for courses approved for ELSJ. The ELSJ requirement can be fulfilled in several ways:

  1. One class, incorporating the key elements, in which all students receive ELSJ credit (units variable).
  2. One class, in which ELSJ community contact is one of several options. Those students receiving ELSJ credit register for an ELSJ option. The ELSJ option typically involves no additional units. The ELSJ option incorporates the key elements. The syllabus, however, includes the four ELSJ learning objectives for all students and all students complete assignments aligned with the learning objectives.
  3. One non-departmental milestone (no units) in which students contract with the ELSJ Curriculum Manager and register for the ELSJ milestone to fulfill the ELSJ requirement without units, as credit for work produced in association with an immersion trip or other experience involving contact with communities. The ELSJ Curriculum Manager will confirm whether the experience qualifies for ELSJ. Students will submit work products to the ELSJ Curriculum Manager demonstrating the achievement of the learning objectives, following posted guidelines.

NOTE: Syllabus submissions must be made to: The ELSJ Faculty Core Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving syllabi.