Santa Clara University

Core Committees

Core Curriculum Committee

  • Phyllis Brown, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Professor of English 
  • Laura Nichols, Director of the Core Curriculum, Chair of the Core Curriculum Implementation Team and Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Philip Kesten, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Physics 
  • Christine Bachen, Director of Assessment and Associate Professor of Communication 
  • Kathleen Villarruel Schneider, Senior Assistant Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Glenn Appleby, Chair, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science Department
  • Shannon Vallor, Chair, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department

Faculty Core Committees

Cultures and Ideas 1 & 2
  • Michelle Bezanson, chair, Anthropology (term ends 06/2016)
  • Karen Fraser, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2017)
  • Shannon Vallor, Philosophy (term ends 06/2017)
  • Michael Whalen, Communication (term ends 06/2016)
  • Philip Riley, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2016)
  • Juan Velasco, English (term ends 06/2015)
Cultures and Ideas 3  
  • William Sundstrom, chair, Economics (term ends 06/2015)
  • Amy Randall, History (Sabbatical Spring 15; term ends 06/2017)
  • Michelle Burnham, English (term ends 06/2015)
  • Susan Popko, Global Engagement (by appointment)
  • Jane Curry, Political Science (term ends 06/2015)
Writing (Critical Thinking & Writing and Advanced Writing)
  • Simone Billings, chair, English (by appointment)
  • Edward Schaefer, Mathematics and Computer Science (term ends 06/2017)
  • Terry Beers, English (term ends 06/2017)
  • Claudia McIsaac, English (term ends 06/2016)
  • Elizabeth McKeigue, Library (term ends 06/2016)
  • Greg Corning, Political Science (term ends 06/2015)
Religion, Theology, & Culture
  • James Bennett, chair, Religious Studies
  • David Pinault, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2017)
  • Kristin Heyer, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2017)
  • Josef Hellebrandt, Modern Languages and Literatures (term ends 06/2016)
  • Gary Macy, Religious Studies (by appointment)
  • Kathleen Maxwell, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2016)
  • Daniel Ostrov, chair, Mathematics and Computer Science (term ends 06/2016; on sabbatical Spring 2014)
  • Laurie Poe, Mathematics & Computer Science (term ends 06/2015)
  • Steven Chiesa, Civil Engineering (term ends 06/2016)
Second Language
  • Jill Pellettieri, chair, Modern Languages (term ends 06/2016)
  • Gudrun Tabbert-Jones, Modern Language and Literatures (term ends 06/2017)
  • Daniel Turkeltaub, Classics (term ends 06/2015)
  • Christopher Kulp, chair, Philosophy (term ends 06/2017)
  • Shoba Krishnan, Electrical Engineering (term ends 06/2017)
  • David DeCosse, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (by appointment)
  • Scott LaBarge, Philosophy (term ends 06/2016)
  • David Caldwell, Management (term ends 06/2016)
  • Nancy Unger, History (term ends 06/2015)
  • Kelly Detweiler, chair, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2016)
  • Kimberly Hill, Theater and Dance (term ends 06/2017)
  • Nancy Wait-Kromm, Music (term ends 06/2017)
  • Pancho Jimenez, Art & Art History (term ends 06/2015)
  • Rebecca Schapp, de Saisset Museum (by appointment)
  • Kirk Glaser, English (term ends 06/2017)
  • Marilyn Edelstein, English (term ends 06/2016; on sabbatical Winter & Spring 2014)
  • Linda Garber, chair, Women's and Gender Studies (term ends 06/2017)
  • Laura Ellingson, Communication (by appointment)
  • Christina Zanfagna, Music (term ends 06/2017)
  • Anna Sampaio, Ethnic Studies (by appointment)
  • Tammy Madsen, Management (term ends 06/2016)
  • Anthony Hazard, Ethnic Studies (term ends 06/2015)
Natural Science
  • John Birmingham, chair, Physics (term ends 06/2015)
  • David Hess, Biology (term ends 06/2017)
  • Nam Ling, Computer Engineering (term ends 06/2017)
  • Steven Fedder, Chemistry and Biochemistry (term ends 06/2016)
Social Science
  • Laura Nichols, chair, Sociology (term ends 06/2015)
  • Adina Ardelean, Economics (term ends 06/2017)
  • Tim Urdan, Psychology (term ends 06/2015)
  • Michelle Marvier, Environmental Studies and Sciences (term ends 06/2016)
  • Elizabeth Day, Liberal Studies (term ends 06/2016)
Civic Engagement
  • James Reites, S.J., chair, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2016)
  • Diana Morlang, Political Science (term ends 06/2017)
  • Dongsoo Shin, Economics (term ends 06/2017)
  • Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner, ex officio, Office of Sustainability (by appointment)
  • Jerald Enos, Theatre & Dance (term ends 06/2016)
Science, Technology, & Society
  • Janice Edgerly-Rooks, chair, Biology (term ends 06/2015)
  • Richard Barber, Jr., Physics (Sabbatical Fall 14; term ends 06/2017)
  • Andrew Garavel, S.J., English (term ends 06/2016)
  • Stephen Chiappari, Applied Mathematics (term ends 06/2016)
  • Keith Warner, ex officio, Religious Studies and Center for Science, Technology, and Society (by appointment)
  • Kate Morris, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2017)
  • Thane Kreiner, Center for Science, Technology, and Society (by appointment)
Experiential Learning for Social Justice
  • Renee Billingslea, chair, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2016)
  • Carol Ann Gittens, Liberal Studies (term ends 06/2015)
  • Terri Griffith, Management (term ends 06/2017)
  • Samiha Mourad, Electrical Engineering (term ends 06/2017)
  • Andrea Brewster, Drahmann Center (by appointment)
  • Jennifer Merritt, ex officio, Ignatian Center (by appointment)
  • Dale Achabal, Marketing (term ends 06/2016)

  • Phyllis Brown, chair, English
  • Christine Bachen, Communication (by appointment)
  • JoAnne Holliday, Computer Engineering (term ends 06/2017)
  • Sherryl Booth, English (term ends 06/2016)
  • Lucia Gilbert, Psychology (term ends 06/2016)
  • Shelby McIntyre, Marketing (term ends 06/2015)
  • Craig Stephens, Biology (term ends 06/2015)

* In some cases the liaison from the Core Curriculum Implementation Team will serve as committee member and chair. In other cases the committee will select one of the members to serve as chair. Additional members may be added to some committees.