Santa Clara University

Global Health

Facilitators: Sonja Mackenzie, Laura Chyu; Public Health

This Pathway will explore human health and the biological, environmental, psychological, and social factors that impact it, with particular attention to global issues, such as infectious disease, chronic disease, healthcare, mental health, pollution and environmental degradation, agriculture and nutrition, and poverty and social inequalities that affect human well-being. All courses included in this Pathway will include discussion of the social context of health issues, and issues germane to resource-poor regions of the world.

Why have we chosen this focus? Because good health is fundamental to human well-being, a basic understanding of the human body and what we can do to maintain its proper functioning is a perfectly reasonable part of a holistic liberal education. But in the complex world we live in, the study of human health encompasses far more than simply the normal functioning of our bodies. Indeed, most of humanity enjoys nothing like the excellent health that citizens of wealthy nations often take for granted.

Courses addressing the broad topic of global health necessarily include issues of social justice. Many global public health problems are inextricably linked to poverty and marginalization, which aren't unique to the developing world. Indeed, people at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder in the U.S. have the highest rates of AIDS and tuberculosis, cancer, obesity, asthma, and psychological stress, and the least access to quality medical care. How a wealthy country like the U.S. deals with such gross inequality raises fundamental questions of fairness and justice. These are issues Santa Clara students should be grappling with during the course of their education!

Associated Courses

ANTH            133           Human Nutrition and Culture
ANTH            134           Health, Disease and Culture
ANTH            135           Human Development and Sexuality (cross-listed with PHSC 135)
ANTH            137           Evolutionary Medicine
ANTH            140           Food, Culture, and the Environment

BIOL              2               Human Health and Disease (discontinued spring 2012 - see PHSC 1)
BIOL              5               Endangered Ecosystems L&L
BIOL              28             Human Sexuality (discontinued spring 2012 - see PHSC 28)
*BIOL            106           Health Consequences of a Western Lifestyle (cross-listed with PHSC 124)
*BIOL           111            Parasitology
*BIOL           113            Microbiology L&L
*BIOL           116            Medical Microbiology
*BIOL           127            Drugs & Toxins in Human Biology (discontinued Spring 2012)
*BIOL           131            Agroecology L & L (cross-listed with ENVS 132)
*BIOL           145            Virology
*BIOL           159            Plagues in the Age of Insects
*BIOL           171            Social & Ethical Dimensions of Biotechnology
*BIOL           179            Cancer Biology

CHEM            1               Chemistry & the Environment

*COMM        156A         Health Communication
*COMM        164A         Race, Gender and Public Health in the News (cross-listed with WGST 116)
*COMM         176A        Biology of Human Communication

ECON             101           Resources, Food, and the Environment (cross-listed with MGMT 173)
*ECON          135           Gender Issues in the Developing World (cross-listed with WGST 121)
*ECON          160           The Economics of Poverty and Inequality

*ENGL          108           Writing About Medicine: Issues & Debates

Environmental Studies
ENVS             21             Introduction to Applied Ecology L&L
*ENVS           132           Agroecology L & L (cross-listed with BIOL 131)
ENVS             146           Agriculture, Environment, and Development: Latin America
ENVS             147           International Environment and Development
ENVS             155           Environmental & Food Justice

Ethnic Studies
ETHN             156           Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with WGST 113)

HIST               106           You Are What You Eat: The History of Foods, Drugs, and Medicine
HIST               123           History of Plagues, Epidemics, and Infections

MGMT           173           Resources, Food & the Environment (cross-listed with ECON 101)

*PSYC          117            Health Psychology
*PSYC          117EL       Health Psychology - ELSJ
*PSYC          167            Psychopharmacology (discontinued Spring 2012)

Public Health
PHSC             1                Human Health and Disease
PHSC             11              Women's Health
PHSC             28              Human Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 33)
PHSC             31              Community Health
*PHSC          124             Health Consequences of Western Lifestyles (cross-listed with BIOL 106)
PHSC             135            Human Development & Sexuality (cross-listed with ANTH 135)
PHSC             142            Environment & Health
PHSC             190            Public Health Capstone

Religious Studies
*RSOC          170            Religion, Gender & Globalization (cross-listed with WGST 146)
*TESP           46              Faith, Justice, & Poverty
*TESP           46EL         Faith, Justice & Poverty EL
*TESP           62              Medical Ethics in Christian Perspective (discontinued Spring 2012)
*TESP           156            Christian Ethics and HIV/AIDS
*TESP           173            Religion, Science, and the Natural World

SOCI              134            Globalization and Inequality
SOCI              138            Populations of India, China & the U.S.
SOCI              172            Management of Health Care Organizations

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST            33              Human Sexuality (cross-listed with PHSC 28)
WGST            113            Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with ETHN 156)
*WGST          116            Race, Gender and Public Health in the News (cross-listed with COMM 164A)
*WGST          121            Gender Issues in the Developing World (cross-listed with ECON 135)
*WGST          146            Religion, Gender & Globalization (cross-listed with RSOC 170)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites