Santa Clara University

Politics & Religion

Facilitator: Thomas Turley, History

This Pathway considers the relation of politics and religion in global perspective from early times to the present. Courses will invite students to explore themes of universal significance related to topics such as social, governmental, and religious systems; economics; the arts; literature; gender; race; science; the environment; and globalism.

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements,
and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ANTH            12A           Transforming the Middle East
ARTH            12A           Art, Power & Propaganda
ARTH            12A           Empire: Self & Others
HIST              12A           Civilization & the City
HIST              12A           Peoples of the Americas
ENGL             2A            Confronting the Unknown
ENGL             2A            Identity, Community & Culture
ENGL             2A            Identity, Vocation & Community
ENGL             2A            Empire: Self & Others
ENGL            12A           Wars, Individuals, and States (Riccomini)

ANTH            188            People, Culture, and Change in the Middle East

CLAS             69              Early Christianity (cross-listed with SCTR 65)
CLAS             114            Imperialism and Religion: Roman Britain (cross-listed as HIST 114)

ENGL             150EL      Contemporary Literature

HIST               22             Western Civilization: Medieval and Early Modern (Liebscher only)
HIST              107            Spain and Morocco: Jews, Christians, and Muslims, 700-1700
HIST              114            Imperialism and Religion: Roman Britain (cross-listed as CLAS 114)
HIST              117            State and Church in the Middle Ages, 1000-1450
HIST              145            Islam in the Modern World
HIST              164S          Seminar: The Catholic Church in Latin America (formerly HIST 164)

HNRS            20              Difficult Dialogues (topics: "Faith v. Reason" and "Galileo and Bellarmine" only)

Political Science
POLI             30              Introduction to Political Philosophy
*POLI           139            Religion and Politics in the Developing World
*POLI           142            Politics in Middle East

Religious Studies
*RSOC          33              Maya Spirituality
*RSOC          91              Native Spiritual Traditions
*RSOC          136            Religion in Latin America
*RSOC          148R         RSS: Religion and the Presidency
*RSOC          188            Religion and Violence
*RSOC          190            Islam: Reformation and Modernity
*RSOC          191            Religions of Colonized Peoples
*SCTR           65             Early Christianity (cross-listed as CLAS 69)
*SCTR           130           Sacred Politics: Christian Texts in the Public Sphere
*SCTR           157           The Bible and Empire
*SCTR           158R         RSS: Postcolonial Perspectives on the New Testament
*TESP            43             Catholic Social Thought
*TESP            64             Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination
*TESP            158           Immigration and Ethics
*TESP            163           Christianity and Politics

The Middle East & World Affairs
SIS                  319-900T The Middle East & World Affairs Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites