Santa Clara University

Public Policy

Facilitators: Kenneth Faulve-Montojo, Political Science, and Elsa Chen, Political Science

A policy is a plan of action intended to achieve objectives. Public policy involves the laws that apply to citizens and residents and also to the organization of government. The laws include taxation, subsidies, and regulations. Policy involves ethics that provide justification of the objectives (such as equity), a political philosophy that applies to the structure of government, and implied theories of economics, sociology, and political science as applied to implementation. For example, a policy of the control of the money supply implies a belief in a theory of how the quantity of money and its control by the monetary authority affects an economy.

Associated Courses

American Politics
GOVT             410-001T American Gov't & Politics Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

ANTH            152           Political Anthropology
ANTH            155           Conflict Resolution

*ECON         3                International Economics, Development, and Growth
*ECON         111            Economics of the Environment
ECON           120            Economics of the Public Sector
ECON           126            Economics and Law
*ECON         127            Public Finance: Taxation
*ECON         160            The Economics of Poverty and Inequality
*ECON         181            International Trade
ECON           199L          Environmental Economics (London)

Environmental Studies
*ENVS          122           Environmental Politics and Policy (cross-listed with POLI 157)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN            155           Racism in the United States

Foreign Policy & International Politics
SIS                 491-001T Foreign Policy & Intn'l Politics Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Global Economics & Business
IBUS              420-900T Int'l Business & Trade Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Int'l Environment & Development
SIS                 471-900T Int'l Environment & Development Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Int'l Law & Organizations
SIS                 450-900T Int'l Law & Organizations Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

COMM          450-001T Journalism Semester Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Justice & Law
JLS                492-001T Justice Semester Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Peace & Conflict Resolution
SIS                486-900T Peace & Conflict Resolution Seminar (American University Washington Semester Program)

PHIL              5               Ethical Issues in Society
PHIL              8               Ethical Issues in Politics
PHIL              9               Ethical Issues and the Environment

Political Science
POLI              40             Politics of US Econ Policies
POLI              45             Criminal Justice System
POLI              116A        Model United Nations Prep (2 units; only counts after POLI 116B has been completed)
*POLI            116B        Model United Nations: International Conflict Simulation (2 units)
POLI              123           Global Environmental Politics
*POLI           150            The Presidency
*POLI           151            The Congress
POLI             157            U.S. Environmental Policy (cross-listed with ENVS 122)
*POLI           158            Housing and Homelessness Policy
*POLI           167            Making Public Policy
POLI              195P         Seminar in U.S. Politics

*PSYC          150           Social Psychology

Religious Studies
*RSOC          140           Animals, Environment & World Religion
*RSOC          190           Islam: Reformation and Modernity
*TESP           64             Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination

SOCI              33           Social Problems in the United States

The Middle East & World Affairs
SIS                 319-900T The Middle East & World Affairs Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Transforming Communities
GOVT           417-001T Transforming Communities Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites