Santa Clara University


Facilitator: Leslie Gray, Environmental Studies Institute

Sustainability is most often defined as meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The recognition that sustainability is an imperative that must be met stems from the fact that humans are using the earth’s resources and degrading its ecosystems in ways that compromise the health and well-being of future generations and the planet. The sustainability Pathway will allow students to learn about sustainability from multiple disciplinary perspectives and in interdisciplinary ways. This will help our students integrate the interconnected ideals of viable ecological integrity, viable economies, and equity and justice.

Some critical sustainability themes that will be embedded in the curriculum of sustainability Pathway classes are

  • Human Connections to the Physical and Natural World
  • How Natural Systems Function
  • Ethics and Values
  • Technological and Economic Relationships to Encourage Sustainability
  • Motivating Environmentally Sustainable Behavior
  • Critical Engagement with Sustainability Issues

Associated Courses

Foundations Courses
(Please note that only the specific Foundation course topics qualify for the Pathway requirements,
and only one Foundations course may be applied to a Pathway)

ENGL            12A           Nature & Imagination
ENVS            12A           Nature & Imagination
ENGL            2A            Writing about Sustainability
ENGL            2A            Ethics & the Environment
ENVS            2A            Analyzing Green Rhetoric

ANTH           50             World Geography (cross-listed with POLI 50 and ENVS 50)
ANTH           130            Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH           140            Food, Culture, and the Environment
ANTH           142            Environmental Archaeology
ANTH           154            Environmental Anthropology

BIOL            5                Endangered Ecosystems L&L
BIOL            6                The Oceans L&L
*BIOL         131             Agroecology L & L (cross-listed with ENVS 132)
*BIOL         133             Ecology of California Plant Communities L&L
*BIOL         142             Natural History of California L&L
*BIOL         144             Natural History of Baja California (cross-listed with ENVS 144)
*BIOL         150             Conservation Biology
*BIOL         151             Restoration Ecology L&L (cross-listed with ENVS 151)
*BIOL         153             Conservation Science (cross-listed with ENVS 153)
*BIOL         156             General Ecology L&L (cross-listed with ENVS 156)
*BIOL         157             Environmental Biology in the Tropics (cross-listed with ENVS 141)
BIOL           188             STEM Education and Justice

*BUSN        71               Foundations of Leadership (2 units)
*BUSN        72               Business Leadership Skills (2 units)
BUSN          150             Feeding The World

Civil Engineering
CENG          20              Geology
CENG          20L            Geology Lab (CENG 20 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       115             Civil Engineering Materials
*CENG       115L           Civil Engineering Materials Lab (CENG 115 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       119             Designing for Sustainable Construction (cross-listed with CENG 219)
*CENG       140             Water Resources Engineering
*CENG       140L           Water Resources Engineering Lab (CENG 140 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       143             Environmental Engineering
*CENG       143L           Environmental Engineering Lab (CENG 143 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       144             Environmental Systems Design
*CENG       144L           Environmental Systems Design Lab (CENG 144 is a co-requisite)
*CENG       161             Sustainable Water Resources (cross-listed with CENG 261)
*CENG       219             Designing for Sustainable Construction (cross-listed with CENG 119)
*CENG       261             Sustainable Water Resources (cross-listed with CENG 161)

CHEM         1                Chemistry & the Environment

COMM        105A         Multicultural Folktales and Storytelling
COMM        120A         Environmental Communication

ECON          1                Principles of Microeconomics
ECON          1E              Principles of Microeconomics
ECON          101            Resources, Food, and the Environment (cross-listed with MGMT 173)
*ECON       111             Economics of the Environment
ECON          129            Economic Development
*ECON       134             African Economic Development
ECON          199L          Environmental Economics (Independent Study)

*ELEN         182            Energy Systems Design 
*ELEN         183            Power Systems Analysis
ENGR          1                Introduction to Engineering
ENGR          1L              Introduction to Engineering Lab (ENGR 1 is a co-requisite)
ENGR          60              Sustainable Electric Energy
ENGR          90              Solar Decathlon Workshop

ENGL          106            Advanced Writing (topic: Writing the Wild)

Environmental Studies
ENVS          10              The Joy of Garbage
ENVS          20              The Water Wars of California L&L
ENVS          21              Introduction to Applied Ecology L&L
ENVS          22              Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVS          23              Introduction to Earth Systems L&L
ENVS          50              World Geography (cross-listed with ANTH 50 and POLI 50)
ENVS          79              Environmental Thought
ENVS          80              Energy and the Environment
*ENVS        84              Spirituality and Sustainability (cross-listed with TESP 84)
*ENVS        95              SLURP: Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project
ENVS          120            Introduction to Environmental Law and Regulation in the United States
*ENVS        122            Environmental Politics and Policy (cross-listed with POLI 157)
*ENVS        128            Urban and Environmental Planning
ENVS          131            Environmental Education
*ENVS        132            Agroecology L & L (cross-listed with BIOL 131)
ENVS          133            Sustainable Urban Agriculture Systems
ENVS          140            Sustainability Outreach
*ENVS       141             Environmental Biology in the Tropics (cross-listed with BIOL 157)
*ENVS       142             Writing Natural History
*ENVS       142B          Writing Natural History (Baja)
*ENVS       144             Natural History of Baja (cross-listed with BIOL 144)
*ENVS       145             Environmental Technology
ENVS          146            Agriculture, Environment, and Development: Latin America
ENVS          147            International Environment and Development
*ENVS        148            Solar Revolution
*ENVS       151             Restoration Ecology L&L (cross-listed with BIOL 151)
*ENVS       153             Conservation Science (cross-listed with BIOL 153)
*ENVS       155             Environmental & Food Justice
*ENVS       156             General Ecology L&L (cross-listed with BIOL 156)
*ENVS       158             Conservation Psychology (cross-listed with PSYC 158)
*ENVS       195             SLURP: Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project
ENVS          199D         Interdisciplinary Rsrch in Environmental Studies (Independent Study)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN          156           Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with WGST 113)

Experiential Learning for Social Justice
ELSJ            134           Seminar in Social Entrepreneurship

FNCE          180           Open Book Management

HIST           64              Central America
HIST           84              United States Women's History (cross-listed with WGST 57)
HIST           85              Introduction to United States Environmental History
HIST           92              Modern East Asia
HIST           158            Turmoil and Reform: U.S. 1877-1920
HIST           188S          The Making of Modern America:  The Progressive Era (formerly HIST 188)

HNRS         20S            Difficult Dialogues

Int'l Environment & Development
SIS             471-900T   Int'l Environment & Development Seminar I (American University Washington Semester Program)

Liberal Studies
LBST        106              Urban Education and Multiculturalism

*MGMT    168             Managing for Sustainability
MGMT      173             Resources, Food, and the Environment (cross-listed with ECON 101)

*MKTG      189            Sustainability Marketing

PHIL           9               Ethical Issues and the Environment

Political Science
POLI           50             World Geography (cross-listed with ANTH 50 and ENVS 50)
POLI          123            Global Environmental Politics
POLI          157            U.S. Environmental Policy (cross-listed with ENVS 122)

*PSYC      158             Conservation Psychology (cross-listed with ENVS 158)

Religious Studies
*RSOC      64              Comparative Religion and Environmentalism
*TESP       64              Environmental Justice in Catholic Imagination
*TESP       84              Spirituality & Sustainability (cross-listed with ENVS 84)
*TESP       176            Nature, Humanity, Spirituality

SOCI          138            Populations of India, China & the U.S.

Theatre & Dance
DANCE     69/169       Walk Across California

Women's and Gender Studies

WGST       57                Women in American Society (cross-listed with HIST 84)
WGST       113              Environmental Racism, Gender, & Justice (cross-listed with ETHN 156)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites